Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) Company

A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a partnership, registered with Companies House giving limited liability to the partners. Unlike a limited company, which can be formed by just 1 person, there must be at least 2 partners to create a partnership.

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This service includes

      • Ready to trade limited liability partnership
      • Registered Office for 1 year
      • Companies House filing fee paid by us
      • Emailed PDF of Certificate of Incorporation
      • Emailed PDF of Statutory Books
      • Free Online Company Manager to Maintain your Companies
      • Free Online & Telephone Support for the Life of your Company
      • Web authentication code to update Companies House records

Designated Partners

An LLP is required to have at least 2 designated partners. The other partners do not need to be designated. When you complete your application, you will be asked to indicate which of the partners are designated. The role of a designated partner is similar to that of a company secretary and includes the following tasks:

      • Appointing an auditor if necessary
      • Signing the accounts on behalf of the partnership and filing them with Companies House
      • Submitting an annual return to Companies House
      • Updating the Companies House records with any changes to the partnership or the partners’ details
      • Acting on behalf of the Partnership if it is wound up and dissolved

If you do not indicate on your application the 2 partners that are designated, Companies House will treat all the partners as designated.

Constitution of the partnership

Unlike a limited company, an LLP does not have Articles of Association. The partnership agreement (if one is drawn up) is the constitution of the partnership. There is no legal requirement to have a partnership agreement

All LLPs are trading for profit

The definition of a partnership is; 2 or more persons associated for carrying on a lawful business with a view to profit. That definition means:

      • A partnership can never be dormant or non-trading
      • A partnership cannot be set up for “not-for-profit” or charitable purposes.